One of the required documents is a diploma. What do you mean by a diploma?

A diploma (academic training at least to the level of a bachelor’s degree, either in medicine or a paramedical science) is a document that confirms that you have passed or completed all your exams with official signatures of the academic board of your university.

Training and workshop certificates/documents can be uploaded under 'other documents'.

Do I need to send both my diploma and transcripts?

Yes, we need both required documents.

A transcript is the list of all of the courses you took and the respective grades received.

A diploma is the certificate that the university gives you saying you have satisfactorily completed all of the course requirements and have graduated.

How can I see which documents / attachments are already uploaded?

You can access the online application system via this address: http://application.kit.nl.

To view the documents that are uploaded in your profile you go to the home page and click on ‘Your profile: Applicant’.

A new screen will appear and you click on ‘Documents & Checklist’. You can see which documents are already uploaded.

I have uploaded the wrong document / attachment. How can I change that?

In the attachments of your application file in the online application system you can upload as many documents as you want. But you can also delete documents: click on the +/- symbol and you will see that a 'delete'-button will appear. So please upload the right document and delete the wrong attachment.

I have tried to registrate, but the system gives a message that my e-mail address already exists. What to do?

Probably you are already registrated for a course with this e-mail address. We can check this for you and give you the details about your registration code.

We kindly request you to use only one account and one e-mail address, this makes it easier for you, and also for us, to follow up your applications.

After you have received your account details, you can reset your password yourself with the link below:


Please fill in your current e-mail address.
Then you will get a confirmation code (*).
Please follow instructions on the screen.

(*) Note: this is not the new code, but just the code to fill in for creating a new password.

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